3 Tips For Limited Distractions While Studying Online

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Studying from home isn’t a new concept. Schools send students home with homework or exams to study for all the time. However, everything is flipped on its side now with a pandemic wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives. 

While it might sound like everyone’s dream to study from home, it can be hard to do so without getting distracted easily. It wouldn’t be difficult if there were a smooth transition from studying in school to studying full-time at home. Without someone keeping an eye on you outside of a webcam, it can be easy to get distracted by phones, television, or even food. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to remove distractions and easily keep yourself grounded during your study time.

Dress The Part

Typically, you’re told to put the phone down and turn off the television, but turning off distractions starts from the inside. If you roll out of bed with pajamas on with a sleeping shirt, you’re subconsciously going to think it’s time for bed. You’re going to yawn and be distracted the entire time you set aside for studying.

Having clothes that you would wear to school to wear at home will make you feel more productive. When you’re not taking the time to prepare yourself for a study session, then you will never be 100% mentally invested in your tasks. Even if it’s just a casual look, it can help you feel confident enough to study. The rush of dopamine caused by the rush of confidence helps boost short-term memory. Dressing the part also enables you to develop a routine that will help you self-regulate during your study time and keep you away from distractions.

Take Some Time To Move Around

It might seem detrimental to studying, but taking time to move around also gets the dopamine rushing to your brain. It also helps release any energy that needs to be released while sitting for hours at a time. That’s why there’s a recess break for schoolchildren. It helps them release any extra energy they have so they can focus on their work.

Those who have ADHD or other developmental disabilities also find benefits from the dopamine-boosting activity of exercise. This rush of dopamine and serotonin helps with concentration, memory, and motivation. After practice, your brain has an easier time prioritizing and blocking out any distractions naturally.

Set Time Aside To Talk With Peers

Between classes is one of the best times for students to decompress at their lockers to talk about the day’s pressures. Unfortunately, when students are studying from home, they don’t have that interaction anymore. That’s why students open other tabs, hold their phones, or find other means to connect with their peers. Unfortunately, these distractions come during the time that should be set aside for studying. It should be the other way around. Time should be set aside for human interaction between studying sessions.

You can set schedules or turn off other devices, but following these tips too should help limit distractions when studying online.

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