Should I Get My Degree Online?

Are you a parent? Then you know that being a parent involves making several crucial decisions that can impact your child’s life! One of the most important ones is about choosing the right school system! It is not very easy with the many options available nowadays. Both the curriculum and instruction methods are moving towards a more digital style. Online schools are becoming very popular not only for higher education but for students who are just starting school! How do you know if it is the right choice for your child?

Comparing Online K 12 Schools With Traditional Schools

Before you make such an important decision, it is best to compare the two systems and see what works for you and your child. There are a few key areas that should be kept in mind.

Personalized Learning

Some children learn better in one-to-one interactions or small groups. Most classes, on average, have 15 students, and it is difficult for teachers to give undivided attention to any child. It becomes increasingly difficult for this connection to happen between child and teacher as the child moves to middle and high school. It is sometimes better in online classes for teachers and students to have this connection.

Cost Of Learning

Just like traditional public and private schools, K-12 schools also are available in different cost structures. You can use a free online platform or pay more tuition fees for individual attention. Scholarships for bright students are available. It would be best if you researched all options thoroughly before choosing.

Independent Learning

Classes in K-12 tend to be more self-instructive than in traditional schools. This could be positive or negative, depending on your child. If you want your child to develop his thinking and self-learning capacity, then online education is the best.


The assessment process differs in online and traditional systems. Online students may need to take the exam online at a testing site. Depending on the school and its schedules, flexibility in selecting dates will change.


One big problem which makes parents consider traditional schools is socialization. Apart from playtimes and recess each day, they also get to work on assignments as groups. Especially in smaller classes, there is ample opportunity to socialize. With an online system of learning, communication with classmates is limited. Some online programs offer interest groups and hobby clubs and hold social events for children to attend and socialize.


Both online and traditional schools have set timings and follow a specified schedule. Online students have to log in at a specific time. However, they have certain flexibility because they are not confined to a building or classroom. They can log in from anywhere. There is also more flexibility in the options available for courses.

Best Choice For Your Child

Each child is unique, and as a parent, you need to keep your child’s needs at the top. There are pros and cons to any school system. Select the most suitable method and watch your child thrive! 


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